Black History Month

“50 Shades of Black” Art Exhibition


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“50 Shades of Black”

Art Exhibition by NINE RED Presents… (CIC) featuring the artwork of Naz Knight explores what it means to be “Black” in Britain.


The art displayed delves deeper than the stereotypical, made for T.V, made for fashion, made for media, made for hip hop images of the “black” identity and focuses on all shades in between.  “50 Shades of Black” looks through the eyes of a young black woman growing up in Britain, trying to become all she wants to become, trying to find a changeless sense of who she is, trying to find where she has come from and to reach the place she wants to go.

In honour of Black History Month, this Art exhibition also contains NRP’s “Black British History” exhibition, beginning in 2AD highlights the contributions that Africa and her descendants made to Britain.  It highlights the influence that Ancient Africa had on the Ancient Romans, The Greeks and the first Olympics and explores the contributions that black people have made to world through science, medicine, education and literature.  This exhibition encourages its audience to be open about acknowledging the contributions that the African Nation has made to modern Britain.


Black History Month

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