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HERE TODAY… HERE TOMORROW! Celebrating 14 years of NINE RED Presents… (CIC)

Celebrating 14 years of NINE RED Presents… (CIC)


On 22nd September 2003, we had a vision and created a philosophy.. a way of life.


We are now a Queen’s Award Winning Company QAVS (2016).  Despite challenges and inspired by our successes.  We are still dedicated to that vision; we continue to respond to the needs of our local community and support and enhance the lives of socially disadvantaged groups, including victims of abuse.


We stand steadfast to our philosophy:

“That each individual in society: irrespective of race, ethnic origin, gender, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, creed, disability, age, religion or political belief; has the right to be and to provide:  inspiration, motivation and achieve emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well being.”

Our Queen’s Award winning Community Interest Company, continues to run 15 projects.

  1. Sound With Vision – Theatre Arts
  2. Art Installations & Exhibitions
  3. DJ & Poet Collaboration (Soundworks, Mixes & Tracks)DJ 
  4. Carnival Arts As Therapy
  5. Bespoke Art Projects
  6. Cultural Art Exhibitions & Workshops
  7. Recognision & Awards
  8. Photo Mosaics and Displays
  9. Keep Shining – Hand Poured Candles
  10. IN3D – 3D Design and Print Service
  11. Community Art Projects


Find out more about who we are and what we do at:-

nineredpresents.org.uk – Main Website

darknessmakessense.com – Community Website

artundefined.co.uk – Corporate Website


Find out more about Nine Red’s story and journey to Queen’s Award:-

What drives us http://www.artundefined.co.uk/community-projects/


Here today Here tomorrow


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