What We Do

What is Art Undefined!

“My life is going by so fast I hope we go into overtime!” The world has become so fast paced.  With everything defined by labels for easy reference. Nothing simply is.  It feels like we have lost all sense of the individual.  As landscapes merge into blurs as we pass by in a rush for that Bus-Plane-Train-Taxi.   We miss the beauty of existence… Life is a perfect and beautiful tapestry; with intertwined threads weaving through time and space.

Art Undefined! is what we see, when we experience life in its totality.

For this reason Naz Knight and Silky G, created Nine Red Presents…(cic).  A free-spirited and multi-faceted organisation.   Our events, our shows and our exhibitions, all encompass art and artists from around the entire Globe.   Sound with a Vision best describes our performance style.  This is because, it is not simply about the words or about the music.  It is about the journey that we take our audience on.  It’s a whole package.  Our art form is a compilation of art forms from around the world and crosses over genres – Music, Dance, Drama, Spoken Word, Poetry, Visual, Digital and Graphic Art.

So why Art Undefined?

By definition, art undefined is art undefined! Because of this we can feel free to display our art form and performance style without the confines of having to fit into some tight labels.  I mean, who really fits in to a label anyway?

So who are we? At our Core, we are a Poet and a DJ.  What we do is deliver an art-form that fuses Spoken Word, Music, & Visual Arts.  Due to this we can to produce an explosion of sound, colour and movement.  At our best, we are Life in Motion, creating drama and dance, twisting through time, entwining with sound, colour and movement to weave a tapestry of combined arts.



The community projects that follow are available to view on the dedicated website www.darknessmakessense.com. or click on the tab “What Drives Us” in the menu bar.

Art Therapy
AVS Project (Abuse Victim Support.)
Community Projects.
Emotional & Mental Health and Wellbeing.



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