IN 3D – 3D Design and Print Service

3D Print and Design Service.

3D Print and Design Service.  We can design and print almost anything you desire up the following dimensions 230 (L) x270 (W) x600 (H) mm.

You can either upload your completed design or have us design and print it for you.

We will bring your creativity out of your head and into your hands with our amazing 3D printing facilities!

Turn your ideas into a 3D printed reality.

We also provide workshops and training on 3D Design and Printing for more details click here.

IN 3D is a workshop that offers an easy to follow initiation into the world of 3D printing. By the end of the session, participants are equipped with the skills and “know-how” to enable them to think and practice 3D Printing!

For more details on 3D Design & Print Services complete form below

3D Print carnival costume piece
Beginning stage of 3D print of a flame for a carnival costume