IN3D – 3D Design and Printing Workshop.

NRP’s 3D Design and Printing Workshop.


IN 3D is a workshop that offers an easy to follow initiation into the world of 3D printing. By the end of the session, participants are equipped with the skills and “know-how” to enable them to think and practice 3D Printing!


  1. Getting started
    1. Introduction to the 3D software and 3D printer

      1. First of all, participants will learn the anatomy of the 3D printer and how to operate it safely and be encouraged to imagine what is possible with 3D printing.
      2. Health and Safety brief
    2. Printer Usage

      1. To prepare the printer for operation, print a pre-loaded file, and understand essential maintenance.
        1. Show participants how to operate the printer. Introduce participants to the software and show them how to print out a pre-loaded file.
        2. Instruct them on some of the basic maintenance to keep the printer operating in top form.
    3. Introduction to the 3D Suite Software

      1. Learn the features and functions of the 3D software
      2. Show participants how to obtain 3D files and how to use to the software to rotate and scale 3D models to custom specifications. We will also look at viewing options and the important slicing function, which produces the code that is exported to the printer so the model can be printed.
    4. Introduction to 3D modelling

      1. Introduction to basic 3D modelling commands. We will explain how you can take basic shapes and model them to create unique and customizable objects using modelling commands. Thinking with 3D modelling in mind can help you imagine more possibilities of what you can create with a 3D printer. By the end of this lesson you’ll be looking at the world differently – you’ll see everyday objects in relation to 3D modelling commands.
    5. Review

      1. Provide real life examples in relation to Household good, costume creation and real world applications
        1. Vases, tealight holders, fruit bowls
        2. Head, Arm and Leg pieces
        3. Feathers, Beads and other decorative items