Art Installations & Exhibitions

Art Installations & Exhibitions


Art is an important tool for expression, learning, therapy and healing.


At NRP, we use our artistic skills to interact, inspire and promote holistic well being as a result, we have created many successful and interactive installations, which can be viewed by clicking in the links below.

Scientific studies tell us that art heals by changing a person’s physiology and attitude; due to the body physiology changing from one of stress to one of deep relaxation, from one of fear to one of creativity and inspiration.

Our art installations are more than visual displays; they are the art of storytelling; because they combine different mediums, encouraging deep listening.

Art and music put a person in a different brain wave pattern, therefore affecting a person’s autonomic nervous system, their hormonal balance and their brain neurotransmitters.

Especially relevant is that art and music permeates every cell in the body instantly; as a result it creates a healing physiology that changes the immune system and blood flow to all the organs.

Art and Music also immediately change a person’s perceptions of their world. They change attitude, emotional state, and pain perception. Therefore, art and music create hope and positivity and they help people cope with difficulties. As a result, they transform a person’s outlook and way of being in the world.

In this way, our art installations and exhibitions encourage personal and spiritual growth; behaviour change and insight; and promotes self-awareness, well-being and positive attitudes towards others and themselves.


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Art Installations Luton Celebrates… 40 Years of Carnival 2016