Bespoke Art Projects

Bespoke Art Projects, Art Installations and Art Workshops


We create Bespoke Art Projects, Art Installations and Art Workshops tailor made for your needs. Rather than have set themes or displays, we take your idea and turn into reality, for whatever occasion, celebration or event, we can cater for all of your needs.

As a result, NRP have created Bespoke Art displays for: – Weddings, Christenings, Birthday parties and Funerals.  Consequently, we provide services for corporate and community events, product launches, charity fundraising events and dinner and dance occasions.

Especially relevant is how NINE RED Presents… (CIC) supports local community groups, schools, corporations, individuals and organisations, by providing Bespoke Art Exhibitions & Workshops.

Art is an important tool for expression, learning, therapy and healing. We use our artistic skills to interact, inspire.  We use art as an essential bridge across language, cultural and age differences. Art becomes our shared link, the glue that shapes our understanding of how we see ourselves and each other.


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The Bespoke Art Exhibitions & Workshops are tailor-made for each type of event and can range from 10ft single-sided to 60ft double sided, either as individual units or as one large exhibition, that can be in a single straight line or curved like a labyrinth, meaning we can fit a single sided 60ft exhibition in a space measuring 4 x 10 metres.   With a height of 222.5cm and a foot print of 68.5cm, each come with artefacts or display items for the audience to engage with.


We offer the following projects:- 


IN3D 3D Design & Print workshops

Photo Mosaics and Montages workshops

Bespoke Art Projects

Bespoke Exhibitions and Workshops

Black History Month Exhibitions and Workshops

Community Art Exhibitions and Workshops

Crystal Jewellery Making workshops

Cultural Art Exhibitions and Workshops

Candle Making Workshops


We also provide a range of healing art and holistic health projects and services, that can be viewed on our Community Website or by clicking the “What Drives Us” in the menu bar.

Art Therapy

Healing Arts 

AVS Project (Abuse Victim Support.)

Community Projects.

Holistic Health – Emotional & Mental Health and Wellbeing.


If you would like further information on our Bespoke Arts Projects or would like to hire a Bespoke Art Exhibitions & Workshops please complete the form below.



Bespoke Art Workshop for Tesco
Carnival Art Workshop for Tesco, Luton. Fundraising event for Tesco’s National Charities.

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