The “Keep Shining” Range – Hand Poured Candles

Hand Poured Candles


Our hand poured candles (Homemade) are created combining the healing benefits of Colour, Scent and Geometry; (Chromatherapy, Aromatherpy and Sacred Geometry).


We currently produce three ranges:-


Design Your Own Candle

Create that perfect gift with our designer candles, they will brighten up almost everyone’s life!

Enjoy a room filled with aroma by selecting any one of our pure essential oils and oil blends for your designer scented candle.

Created combining the healing benefits of Colour, Scent and Geometry; (Chromatherapy, Aromatherpy and Sacred Geometry), as a result, not only do they look amazing, they help improve your holistic health.


Afternoon Tea @ The Candle Shop

Treat yourself and enjoy Afternoon Tea!

Tradition, elegance, style, luxury and relaxation are all synonymous with the very English tradition of Afternoon Tea.

There’s nothing quite like a good cup of tea – whether it’s enjoyed in the afternoon with cakes or sipped outdoors while admiring the county’s stunning natural beauty.

We cannot promise you rolling hills, but we can inspire your imagination with our stunning collection of Afternoon Tea Candles.



Our Best Selling Signature Candles

Our best selling gorgeously scented signature candle from our “Keep Shining” Range.

These Hand Poured Candles are made to order, choice of Shape, Size, Colour and Essential Oil Blend are included in the price.

We can also add embellishments and decorations at a small additional cost.


Because all Our “Keep Shining” Candles are available in an array of colours, fragrances, shapes and sizes; and produced by hand by NINE RED Present…(CIC) rather than batch made. We will, therefore, make your dream candle a reality.


hand poured candles
Hand poured candle made for Signposts Luton

The candle featured “To Signposts with Love”combines:-

Colour Therapy: White = Spiritual Blessings, Purity, Healing

Aromatherapy: Notes of Vanilla = Love

Spiral Shape = New Beginnings, the birth of intentions.


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