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Afternoon Tea Candles

Treat yourself and enjoy Afternoon Tea!


Tradition, elegance, style, luxury and relaxation are all synonymous with the very English tradition of Afternoon Tea. There’s nothing quite like a good cup of tea; whether it’s enjoyed in the afternoon with cakes or sipped outdoors while admiring the county’s stunning natural beauty.

We cannot promise you rolling hills, but we can inspire your imagination with our stunning collection of Afternoon Tea Candles.

Afternoon Tea Candles at our candle shop
Afternoon Tea Candles at our candle shop

In addition to the English Breakfast Tea Candle; we have Cafe Latte Candle, Cappuccino Candle, Choco Mocha Ice Cream Sundae Candle, Hot Chocolate Candle, Milk and Cookie Candle, Cupcake Candle and Fruit Trifle Candle.

These candles are made to order to fit your wishes, just select beverage, colour and container type or provide us with your own container (tea cup, mug bowl, glass etc.) and we will make your candle.

Please see samples below then complete the contact form to discuss your new favourite candle.

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