Design Your Own Candle

Designer Candles

Create that perfect gift with our designer candles, they will brighten up almost everyone’s life!


Enjoy a room filled with aroma by selecting any one of our pure essential oils and oil blends for your designer scented candle.

Created combining the healing benefits of Colour, Scent and Geometry; (Chromatherapy, Aromatherpy and Sacred Geometry), as a result, not only do they look amazing, they help improve your holistic health.

For something more traditional then check out our range. 

All our candles make perfect gifts for Birthday’s, Anniversary’s or as a romantic Valentines present.  But, most of all they make the recipient feel special.

We provide complete consultancy and creation of your designer candle. We will help you choose the colour, oil blend, shape, size and decoration.  All you need to do is complete the form below.



designer candles
Design Your Own Candle. Perfect for wedding favours, special gifts, anniversaries