Colour 2006

Colour 2006.  Written and directed by Naz Knight and DJ Silk


Colour is an ensemble play about the lives of nine people living in multi-cultural Britain.   Blending the hip hop sounds of DJ Silky G, the  poetry of Nzinga Knight and the rare talents of African, Caribbean, English, Irish, Eastern European, Turkish and     Vietnamese performers. Colour paints a portrait of urban life as a person of colour in Britain.


Colour twists and twirls its way through the lives of Nine slam performers on Open Mic Night. Displaying slam pieces that are powered by anger and       frustration the engines that drive creativity, but rage is not the only emotion on display.   No less      powerful than the fiery poetry slams about race and gender, off stage/in the bar, the performers         exchange stories of their own.


Poetry Featured

Eve-olution Performed By Naz Knight
None Of The Above Performed By Melike’.
Hero Performed By Lurlyn.
Love Jones Performed By Colette.
Name My S-elf Performed By Colette, Krisztina, Michelle.
Silence Shouts Performed By Alex, Colette, Krisztina, Lurlyn, Melike’.
Death of a Women Performed By Colette, Debra, Krisztina, Michelle, Patsy.
The Last Black Man Performed By Patsy.
Street Wars Performed By Krisztina.
The Other Side of the Ring Performed By Michelle.
Strategy Performed By ALL CAST
Shades of Grey Performed By Naz Knight
HIStory (Sketch) Alex, Colette, Debra, Gabriella, Krisztina, Michelle.
HIStory Alex, Colette, Debra, Krisztina,   Michelle.
Love is Blind—Colour Debra, Krisztina.
Love is Blind—Fever Colette, Michelle, Patsy.

Visuals starring

Love is Blind  

Alex, Kimberley &  Gabriella.

Song performed by Colette.

Sound and Music by Silky G.

People Everyday Visuals complied by Nzinga Knight.

Sound and Music by Silky G.


Woman Song performed by Naz Knight

Sound and Music by Silky G.

Everyday People Song performed by Gabriella, Megan, Melike’

Visuals complied by Nzinga Knight.

Sound and Music by Silky G.

Street Wars Visuals complied by Nzinga Knight.
Keep on Moving Song performed by Kimberley

Sound and Music by Silky G.

Shake It Performed by

Colette, Kristina, Megan, Melike’

Choreography by the dancers.

Sound and Music by Silky G.

Interludes By Silky G



You can read the poetry featured in this play in the book “Butterfly Drinks Crocodile Tears” by Naz Knight available here

You can find out more about our Theatre Arts here.  

Colour 2006 DJ Poet Collaboration
Colour 2006 DJ Poet Collaboration