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Welcome to Art Un-Defined! by NINE RED Presents…(CIC)


NINE RED Presents…(CIC) is a Queen’s Award winning Combined Arts Organisation responding to local community needs. Enhancing the lives of socially disadvantaged groups, using arts & Psychoeducational therapy.

Created by DJ Silk and Poet Naz Knight; NRP began its life as a DJ & Poet Collaboration with an art project called “Sound With Vision”.  NRP was born in  a place where people of different backgrounds, cultures, religions, and nationalities; worked together and played together, where fun and fellowship were the focal point.

“At the edge of a high street, by a bridge with a ball, there is a place on earth, where numbers fall….” Naz Knight


This is why, as well as our artistry, performance and art projects, our  volunteer led, non-profit NINE RED Presents…(CIC) has as its main aims and objectives; to respond to the needs of our local community,  bringing about social change; by combining different art mediums to encourage deep listening and even deeper understanding.  

As a result our art has a positive social impact on the lives of socially disadvantaged groups; including but not limited to, individuals effected by domestic/sexual abuse, mild to moderate mental health conditions and cultural deprivation (BME groups).

What is especially relevant is how this is achieved; by running community projects providing skill attainment, education, artistic pursuits and counselling, we improve participation in the arts, education and wellbeing.  As a result our projects have proven successful. This is because they are centred on our organisations ethos

“That each individual in society, irrespective of race, ethnic origin, gender, martial or parental status, sexual orientation, creed, disability, age, religion or political belief has the right to be and to achieve all they want in their lives”.


In addition we run an  arts programme that develops emerging socially disadvantaged artists.  This disadvantage is because they experience less opportunities for participation. Furthermore they may have less access to artistic employment opportunities.  We overcome this by supporting artists in their career development.  We create opportunities for artist to nurture their talents. Then we assist them gaining employment with our partners and other arts organisations.

NINE RED Presents… (CIC) is a social enterprise.  


Therefore we serve the community for the good of the community, with all profits flowing back into Community Projects. For this reason, by commissioning NINE RED Presents… (CIC) rather than a commercial organisation to provide you with bespoke art projects and services enables us to continue our work in the community.  As a result we are able to provide counselling and art therapy services for those that need it and to promote social change.

As well as the projects and services, We also have the boutique, which provides personalised art gifts:- Photo Mosiac’s and Hand Poured Candles, great for ideas for Christmas, Mothers Day and all special occasions.

NINE RED Presents… (CIC)community projects are funded or supported in part by the following.

The Arts Council, England.  Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation – London Luton Airport Ltd Fund. Booker.  HSS Hire.  Nisa.  Tesco Stores PLC.  The BIG Lottery.  The Steel Charitable Trust.  ‘Your Say Your Way’.

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