About Our Artists – Silk

“The Quiet One!?”DJ Silky G

Smooth as Silk on cruise-control!……. Silk’s decks are his very own means of magical transport, taking people on a mysterious journey to places they never dreamt of going.

Enigmatic and mysterious, Silk communicates through music. Hypnotic and enchanting beats are the perfect backdrop to the spoken words of Naz.


Anyone who has been in the crowd at any of the events where Silk has been a DJ, can testify to his amazing beats and hold he has over his audience.

His DJ style is creative and innovative, free flowing and energises the crowd. Pumping beats, laying down tracks, his smooth mixes earn him the right to be called Silk.

Ironically and poetically Gordon was dubbed the name “Silk”, as a croupier, because his dealt his games with smooth and sophisticated finesse. His magical fingers continue to serve him well as a DJ with an outstanding talent and ability to amaze and entertain any crowd.

Extemporaneous mixtures of music from varied genres, cultures and styles; slow-paced, fast-paced, mixtures in and out; pumping music and being the heart of the crowd; a musical mosaic; a tapestry of sound, makes Silky G art undefined.

A DJ that produces sound with vision!  No matter the colour of collar, the shade of skin or tone of dress, Silk’s innovative mix of music and will teleport you to your ultimate destination.

Please ensure your seats are in the upright position, and your seat belt is fastened!